Module 5: Google AdWords Shopping Advertising

google adwords shopping

This e-learning program was done in collaboration with Jun Baranggan of Cebu Digital Hub.

Note that at the time this online learning was held, Google AdWords Shopping was not yet available in the Philippines. This is now available and can be applied to your Google AdWords projects.

This module covers the following:

I – How Google Shopping Network Works

  • What is Google Shopping
  • The Benefits
  • What are shopping ads
  • How shopping ads work
  • Where shopping ads appear
  • What’s the cost

II – Google Merchant Center

  • Setting up your account
  • Setup steps
  • Claiming and verifying your URL
  • Multi-client accounts
  • Setup steps
  • Claiming and verifying multiple URLs
  • Navigating Merchant Center
  • Dashboard
  • Diagnostics
  • API diagnostics
  • Feeds
  • Settings

III – The Product Data Feed

Feed Policies

  • User experience
  • Safety and Security
  • Product data
  • Feed Specifications
  • Product information
  • Availability and Price
  • Unique product identifiers
  • Product attributes and groupings
  • Tax and shipping
  • Custom labels
  • Feed Data Quality
  • Fresh Data
  • Accurate and comprehensive data
  • Setting Up Data Feeds
  • Settings
  • File formats
  • Uploading Data Feeds
  • Upload options
  • Troubleshooting feed errors

IV – Creating Shopping Campaigns in AdWords

  • Setup Settings
  • How to create a shopping campaign
  • Basic campaign settings
  • Monitoring and Optimizing Shopping campaigns
  • Product groups
  • Dimensions
  • Auction insight
  • Bid simulator