Module 1: Google AdWords Fundamentals

google adwords fundamentals-2

This e-learning program was done in collaboration with Jun Baranggan of Cebu Digital Hub.

This module covers the following topics:

I – How AdWords can help advertisers meet their goals

  • The benefits of online advertising &¬†AdWords
  • Google’s advertising networks
  • How AdWords works

II – Campaign Setup

  • Choosing a campaign type
  • Structuring your campaign
  • Targeting Your audience
  • Setting bids and budget
  • Creating Ad Groups
  • Advertising Policies
  • Tools to plan a campaign

III – Measure your results

  • Customize your data
  • Search term report
  • Top movers report
  • Paid & Organic report
  • Auction insights
  • Tools to measure your performance
  • Evaluate metrics relevant to your goals
  • Optimize your campaigns