Module 3: Google AdWords Display Advertising

google adwords display

This e-learning program was done in collaboration with Jun Baranggan of Cebu Digital Hub.

This module covers the following:

I – About The Google Display Network

  • Matching your Ad Sites in the Display Network
  • Ad Types on the Display Network
  • Measuring Effectiveness of Ads on Display Network
  • Where Ads Might Appear in the Display Network
  • About Contextual Targeting
  • About Display Network Ad Auction

II – Setting up a Display Network

  • Create an Adwords campaign to reach the right customers
  • Structuring your Adwords Account
  • Bidding features on the Display Network
  • Choose a bid for your Display Network Campaign
  • Bid on viewable impressions using viewable CPM
  • About enhanced cost-per-click
  • About bid adjustments
  • About flexible bid strategies
  • About Conversion Optimizer
  • Enhance your ad with extensions
  • About mobile app installs campaigns
  • Create dynamic display ads
  • Create a Lightbox ad
  • Lighbox ad
  • Editorial & professional requirements
  • Fix a disapprove ad

III – Showing your Ads on the Display Network

  • Targeting Settings on the Display Network
  • Managed Placement
  • Target Websites About Specific Topics
  • Add Negative Keywords to your Campaign
  • How Language Targeting works
  • Using Custom ad Scheduling
  • Advance Mobile and Tablet Options in “Display Netwok Only” Campaigns
  • Using Display Planner
  • The Display Network Tab

IV – Reaching your Audience on the Display Network

  • Reach People Interested in your Products or Services
  • Reach People Similar to your Existing Audiences
  • Reach People of Specific Demographic
  • Use Remarketing to Reach Past Website Visitors and App Users
  • Use Dynamic Remarketing to Show Ads Tailored to your Site Visitors
  • Create a Feed for your Dynamic Display Ads

V – Measuring and Optimizing Performance on the Display Network

  • Drive sales and generate leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Measuring sales and conversions
  • Evaluate ad performance on the Display Network
  • Account, campaign, and ad group performance
  • Explore your data on the Campaigns tab
  • Optimize Display Network ads and campaign
  • Tips for creating effective display ads
  • About display targeting optimization
  • About conversion tracking