1. Learn for free.

This is part of Janette Toral’s advocacy to train 1 Million Filipinos wanting to become e-commerce entrepreneurs.

2. Meet like-minded individuals and learn with your friends.

You can invite your friends to take this free e-commerce workshop with you and work together in completing projects. You will also meet new people in the process.

3. Designed for all levels (beginners, novice, advance)

Our topics will cover a wide range and shall be ready to accommodate queries from various user skill levels.

4. Up-to-date relevant topics

We will tackle the latest developments in the sphere of e-commerce. We are flexible and can expand the learning program as the need arises.

5. Multi-disciplinary E-Commerce Trainers

The workshop will be conducted by e-commerce specialist Janette Toral and invited guests. Through her website, blogs, books, lectures / workshops (face to face and online), and consultation sessions, Janette will share hands-on knowledge on various facets of e-commerce.

6. Get a Certificate of Completion

(Am open to negotiation with schools or foundations to partner with this advocacy.) Complete the lessons and quizzes online to receive a certificate proving that you went through this online boot camp.

7. Get support for your E-Commerce Business

Participants who will need further assistance can join the DigitalFilipino Start-Up 100 Project where interested DigitalFilipino Club members can invest and help aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

8. Become part of a movement

OUR GOAL is to train ONE (1) MILLION aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world. In addition to the online boot camp, we also have a roadshow series and an annual DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit.

9. Flexible schedule

If you can’t attend the live webinar sessions, no need to worry. Learning materials are posted online allowing participants to review the lesson, whether they were able to tune in or not, and work on assignments.

10. Help fellow educators.

We hope that this online boot camp will be most valuable to professors who would like to teach their students the ins and outs of e-commerce with practical exercise to work on.

About DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp

The DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp is an advocacy of Janette Toral that aims to help Filipinos aspiring to become e-commerce entrepreneurs. This is the 2nd round of our free e-commerce workshop series. The first one happened in 2003 that gathered 3000 participants online and supplemented in 2004 with e-commerce workshop in Manila and Cebu.

Promoting the growth of e-commerce in the Philippines since 1997, Janette Toral is the site owner of DigitalFilipino.com. She is the author of the DigitalFilipino: An E-Commerce Guide for the eFilipino and DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Workshop. She currently serves her community in the DigitalFilipino Club and the public at large through training and consulting in the area of e-commerce, digital marketing, blog campaign, and the likes.

She is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner.She is co-founder of i-Metrics Asia-Pacific Corporation focused on the creation and reporting of the E-Commerce Intensity Index and E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard.

She is offering the E-Commerce Boot Camp education programs to help fulfill her advocacy in supporting E-Commerce Start-Ups from all over the country.

She partnered with AIE College and Asian Institute of E-Commerce for the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, Professional Program.

More info about Janette Toral