Module 2: Google AdWords Advanced Search

google adwords advanced search

This e-learning program was done in collaboration with Jun Baranggan of Cebu Digital Hub.

This module tackles the following:

I – Review on Search Fundamentals

  • Organize campaigns for maximum results
  • Adwords Accounts Limit
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Understanding Ad Position and Ad Rank
  • Actual Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

II – Ad Formats

  • Text Ads Best Practices
  • When to Use dynamic Search Ads
  • Ad Extensions

III – Ad Quality

  • Understanding Quality Score
  • How Landing Page Experience is determined
  • Understanding Invalid Traffic

IV – Adwords Tools

  • Account change history
  • The keywords and targeting tools
  • Bidding and Budget Tools
  • Adwords Editor

V – Performance Monitoring & Reporting

  • Interpreting Adwords Reports
  • Additional Performance Insights
  • Optimizing Performance

VI – Performance, Profitability & Growth

  • Understanding impact of budget
  • Scaling budget by performance
  • Performance-based bidding
  • How to estimate conversion value