What makes a product salable online?

There are many factors that makes a product or service salable online.

1. Is it a good product or service? Think about what will make your customer buy. Is your product or service a solution to an existing problem of businesses? Emphasize on that.

2. Are you committed in what you do? When prospects inquire, do you immediately answer them? When buyers experience difficulty with the product or service you are offering, are you there willing to give assistance promptly? Delays in response can usually result to a missed sales opportunity.

3. Can you be trusted? Are you selling genuine products online? I encountered a suppliers marketplace online lately and was about to buy some clothes. Checked on reviews site and read tons of negative feedback like the clothes shown on photos were not actual representation of the product that was shipped to them – or simply a knock off. This is an important factor and also a reason why several product / service marketplaces have feedback / testimonial section on their site to assist buyers in selecting the right provider to suit their needs.

4. Does your product or service really work? Emphasize on people who have tried it. Can they vouch for it and give prestige in the process.

5. Another way of making the product or service attractive is by making it limited – available to a few number of people. Therefore creating a “get now or missed it” feeling.

6. Emphasize it as an alternative to a popular brand attracting those who are already tired of it. Of course, the differentiation must be clear in terms of either price, availability, packaging, among others.

7. Is it easy to purchase? Friendly delivery terms? Do you have a money back guarantee?

In the end, make the customer happy and everything else will follow.