Domain & Hosting Options for your Website Project

domain hosting options

When assisting students to sign-up for web hosting and domain services, we search for discount codes online through Google. But we often encounter the situation where a code has limited use not giving everyone an opportunity to avail of it. The platforms I am recommending here are:

  • MediaTemple – I am using this premium service for my sites. No need to upgrade subscription plan as your use increase. Although an additional fee may be charged. This spared me from receiving site errors when the traffic spikes up.
  • GoDaddy – I am using this for hosting MSME / student websites. You will need to upgrade as your resource demand increase. If you bought your domain from another service provider or different GoDaddy account (not same account as your hosting), you need to manually update your domain A settings when you upgrade (as this usually changes after a major plan upgrade).
  • Siteground – popular to folks into dropshipping (and using dropshipping paid plugins)

I hope the following options will help.

P49 pesos per month hosting with free domain.
(Note that depending on website resource usage, GoDaddy may require the MSME to upgrade. Get a one-year package for hosting at around P600 that includes a .com domain name. Don’t forget to choose your domain when you check out.)

US$3.95 hosting per month with SiteGround
Popular web hosting service among dropshippers. Domain needs to be purchased separately.

MediaTemple – Get 2 months free on WordPress hosting when you get a one year plan. MediaTemple – Get 2 months free on WordPress hosting when you get a one year plan. Domain needs to be purchased separately.

1 dollar domain
(Choose 1 year if you only want to pay P49 at this time. This is valid for new GoDaddy users only. Avail this option if you are getting a hosting service from another provider.)

30% off on any GoDaddy service (for those with GoDaddy accounts already)

Assistance to MSME Mentorship Patrons

I also have a Patreon perk called MSME Mentorship ( In addition to the monthly online learning session (beginner 101 series, leadership, branding, blog / social media entrepreneurship, business model review), I am providing:

  • Website hosting of MSME online project (WordPress-based – No CPanel access).
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL addition to make the MSME online presence – an https site.

I hope the above will help.