October 22: SEO, Blog, Social Media Affiliates / Lead Generators Meet-Up

A growing number of companies today have looked into lead generation and affiliate marketing as a strategy to meet digital marketing objectives. Individuals who took affiliate marketing in the Philippines seriously earn up to sixty thousand pesos (P60,000) per month. Some SEO, digital marketers, bloggers, social media specialists have tried joining affiliate marketing and lead […]

E-Commerce Improvement & Promotions

Once you have a website (whether e-commerce enabled or not), you will start getting feedback and realize as well what components are not working or ineffective at all. This module is designed to help you go through assessing your website performance, come up with improvements, and launch it using a promotion campaign. Entrepreneurs, supply chain, […]

E-Learning Management

To promote an online business, including the adoption of e-commerce, a practitioner must utilize various means to educate their target market and customers. Using e-learning in its various forms is a must know for an e-commerce professional. Entrepreneurs, supply chain, sales, marketing, retail, operations, and consulting professionals are invited to take part in this exclusive […]

Singapore: E-Commerce Start-Up Meet-Up

This September 9, we are hosting  an E-Commerce Start-Up Meet-Up at ACC EduHub (9 Penang Road, Park Mall Unit #13 to 19 Singapore 238459) 6 pm to 9 PM. We intend to meet technology providers, local e-commerce players, potential partners and collaborators to provide industry exposure to our Certified E-Commerce Entrepreneur Program students working on […]

E-Commerce Education Support to the UnionBank UREKA Forum

As an E-Commerce Advocate, I often get asked to conduct e-commerce briefings to various groups in different parts of the country including that of Mimaropa Ventures (5 provinces), Next Wave Cities Project (10 provinces), WOFEX University (4 provinces & Manila), PAREB E-Learning (2 provinces & Manila),  DTI, among others. I aim to support more e-commerce education […]

E-Commerce Policies

Setting up an e-commerce business requires knowledge on existing laws, rules, and regulations that governs your business activities. Risk management programs and policies will need to be put in place to ensure compliance and minimize exposure to legal problems later on. Entrepreneurs, supply chain, sales, marketing, retail, operations, and finance professionals are invited to take […]

E-Commerce Site Development

In setting up an e-commerce project, putting up a site or online presence requires due diligence in the design, platform to be used, building up content, testing the site, among others. E-Commerce site owners must design it based on how to make things easier for users to navigate while having your desired process followed. Prevent […]

April 14: SEO Boot Camp (Cebu)

Do you want to use improve your search engine visibility and look into inbound marketing as a means to attract leads and customers to your business establishment? Do you want to learn how to get it done and be more effective in doing it yourself and when dealing with people handling your online promotion? Entrepreneurs, […]

E-Commerce Payment Systems & Fraud Handling

In setting up an e-commerce project, one of the supply chain solutions required is the establishment of an e-commerce payment and fraud handling system. Entrepreneurs, supply chain, sales, marketing, retail, operations, and finance professionals are invited to take part in this exclusive boot camp that aims to tackle the various e-commerce payment systems, fraud handling, […]