Lesson 8: Logging, Error Messaging, and Using Secure Components

This E-Commerce Security Course 8th lesson covers the following:

  1. Logging and Error Messaging
  2. Using Secure Components

This lesson is conducted in partnership with Isaac Sabas and Jonathan Mantua of Pandora Security Labs. (offers advance IT security training and provider of WebRanger – an online security monitoring and attack blocking service.)

(Should you encounter a “secure connection failed” message in any of the video embedded, just click on the “try again” button to load it.)

WARNING: STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN THIS PROGRAM SHOULD USE THE KNOWLEDGE AND INSIGHTS GAINED IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER. Probing and attacking websites, whether successful or not, is a CYBERCRIME and will make you liable under the E-Commerce Law, CyberCrime Law, and Data Privacy Law.

Logging and Error Messaging

Using Secure Components