Lesson 10: Recon, Mapping, Analyzing Web Applications

This E-Commerce Security Course 10th lesson covers:

  • Recon: Attack surface
  • Mapping out attack cases with potential use cases
  • Analyzing and identifying risks, moving forward


This lesson is conducted in partnership with Isaac Sabas of Pandora Security Labs. (offers advance IT security training and provider of WebRanger – an online security monitoring and attack blocking service.)

(Should you encounter a “secure connection failed” message in any of the video embedded, just click on the “try again” button to load it.)

WARNING: STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN THIS PROGRAM SHOULD USE THE KNOWLEDGE AND INSIGHTS GAINED IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER. Probing and attacking websites, whether successful or not, is a CYBERCRIME and will make you liable under the E-Commerce Law, CyberCrime Law, and Data Privacy Law.