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Episode #3: Blog writing projects and Search Engine Optimization

In this episode, Janette Toral discussed how blog writing projects can help improve a blog’s visibility in an online community. In the process, also support efforts in creating inter-related articles appearing in search engine results. References:

Episode #2: How can you execute blog campaigns?

In this video episode, Janette Toral discussed what are the things to consider when doing a blog campaign and how does this affect or benefit SEO. Additional reference: * Lessons learned in designing and implementing a blog post campaign. * Tapping blogs for online campaigns.

Episode #1: If I will get into SEO/blogging can I easily make money online?

In this episode, Janette Toral answers a question she often receives from bloggers who wants to get into SEO consulting. They usually ask “is it easy to make money online by rendering that type of service?” Reference: