Uber Service Improvement Request: Return of Lost Item

Like many Internet users, I was delighted when services like Uber and Grab became available as a service. They change the idea of commuting for a lot of Filipinos in key areas of the country.

One thing I love about Uber is the efficient response of customer service in handling concerns in relation to charges – from making sure that the ride was credited reflecting correct origin — to reversal of charges.

However, that impeccable customer service has its loophole. It is not efficient and practical in handling lost items.

Uber – still bureaucratic process in handling lost items

vision therapy eyewearLast June 20, I left my vision therapy eyewear at my morning Uber ride.

After several follow-up, the driver was not able to return my eyeglass to me and said he will return it instead to the Uber Office.

I did not argue anymore as I had an assumption that the eyeglass will be sent to me.

To my surprise, after my most recent follow-up (July 18), I was told by Uber that I need to go to their office and bring 2 government issued IDs to claim my eyewear.

I replied several times through customer service emails and via Twitter that I don’t have time to go to their office to pick it up.

I asked:

1. Can I hire an Uber vehicle with their office as starting destination to pick up the eyewear and be delivered to my house?

No. They don’t want that due to risks. My gosh, it is a 4-digit eyewear. It is not a five digit value item where an Uber driver can be tempted to resell.

2. Can I designate a representative to pick it up for me?

It seems I may have to hire a Grab bike or Grab Express (how ironic) and make special arrangement for the item to picked up for me. Or hire someone to get it done.

The person I designate to pick up will need a letter of authorization, copy of my 2 IDs, and for that person to have 2 IDs too.

Uber Service Improvement Request: Return of Lost Item

Uber’s service is all about making their customers lives easy, feel safe, and secure in the travel.

However, Uber’s process in returning a lost item contradicts to everything that Uber brand stands for.

I can’t believe, here I am, willing to hire and trust an Uber service to pick up my eyeglass from the Uber office and return it to me at home.

And yet Uber in Manila decides to function like a bureaucratic office compelling their customers to go to their office just to pick up a lost item even if the customer does not have time to do so. Simply because they can’t trust their drivers to do it.

For high value items, I may agree with that process. But below a certain amount threshold, c’mon, please be practical. Don’t make your customers miserable. I was already separated from my eyewear since last June 20 and you are even making it more difficult for me to get what is mine.

I hope Uber improves their return of lost item service as soon as possible.

Government should require Transportation Services to make it easy for customers to retrieve their items.

I hope that as government give permits to transportation services, they will also include clear policies to make it easy for customers to retrieve their lost items.


  • Carl

    I think this is a standard when you lose an item. You usually have to pick it up and bring two valid ID’s or have a representative do so with proper authorization and ID’s. This is to prevent fraud.

    It is not that they don’t trust their UBER drivers per se, but how can they ask someone that is not their directly employee to be the one to verify that the lost item is given to the rightful owner?

    I think you are making an issue out of a non-issue. If you left this eyewear in a taxi it would probably be lost now. Be happy that you still got it back.

    • janette toral

      Yes it is standard for traditional establishments. But in Uber, both driver and passenger has an ID, that will allow proper identification. What do they do if their passenger is from out of town? Pick it up on your next trip?

      If hotels can courier items when they are not even in the business of logistics, what’s more for a company who is in it. Therefore the suggestion is given to improve the service.

      And I still don’t have my eyewear back. I decided instead to get a new one for it is more convenient to get a new one rather than go to the Uber office to pick it up.

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