How to Search for Keywords and Keyphrases [infographic]

There are many point of views on how keyword or keyphrase research should be made. From our session last Monday at the Search Influencer Boot Camp, I thought of having an infograph created that will discuss the process. Many thanks to (Gilmar Padua) for getting this done.

(click on the image to view it full screen – for better visibility)

1. Identify products, services, and landing pages.

Think about the products and services you will be selling online. Which ones are you going to focus strongly on? Define the web pages where you will be putting these products or services respectively.

2. How will customers “search” for you?

Think about the keywords they will use to look for you online. This can include name of establishment, product brand name, person in the company, among others.

Look into generic terms too for those who are not yet sure on what they are looking for.

Put the keywords you thought of in a list. Use online tools like Soovle to get more ideas.

3. Check keyword / keyphrase

Use tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, and Bing Keyword Research Tool to check out their relevance and search viability.

4. Do competitor analysis

Run a search on Google and check out the relevant top sites for your short-listed keyword or keyphrases.

From the companies you have listed, check out their profile in Alexa and Ahrefs to know more about them – discover more keywords or keyphrases in the process.

Summarize your findings on each site and improve your keyword / keyphrase list.

5. Finalize your list

Pick on keywords and assign it to respective landing pages based on their popularity and user relevance.

Do final round of keyword research to narrow down your list based on popularity and user relevance.


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