Episode #1: If I will get into SEO/blogging can I easily make money online?

In this episode, Janette Toral answers a question she often receives from bloggers who wants to get into SEO consulting. They usually ask “is it easy to make money online by rendering that type of service?”





  • Claire

    Thanks for taking the time to put out this clip. If we ask the successful bloggers out there like Jon Morrow, Demian Farnworth, etc, what they’ll tell us is the same: blogging is hard. If you throw in the goal of making money out of it, you’ll need more than just setting up WordPress and throwing in some half-heartedly written content.

    It takes commitment and patience. That’s why it’s important that you choose a blog topic which you have at least a fair amount of interest in. Don’t blog about something you have no remotest inclination in. It will show in your writing and people will notice. Needless to say, it defeats the purpose of making a decent income out of it.


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